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Belinda and company at Dane Dental,

Thank you for all the years of wonderful years of service and support You have been a great partner in providing orthodontic services for my patients!

Dr. Wo

Dear Belinda,

Dr. Younquist would like you to know he's very happy with all retainers and bionaters coming of your lab. Everything fits like a glove. It saves us a lot of time on the chair. Great Job! Please pass along to you staff.

Dr Robert Younquist

I have had the privilege of using Dane Dental Lab during all of my 31 years in orthodontic practice. Dane Dental is a first class lab that i have always been able to rely on to product quality appliances that are delivered on time and it well.

Through the years have included some custom designs, and Dane has always been willing to take the time to discuss my unique requirements and to collaborate on a successful final result.

Dr. Scott Patterson


Thank you from Dane Dental Lab

Thank you from Dane Dental Lab